Friday, July 29, 2016


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THIS! Reading or writing, either way a good banter is the bomb ;) #writerlife #books #lifeisgood #banter

Thursday, July 28, 2016

‘You know what’

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Why registration plates in Luxembourg have black characters on a #yellow background?

I'm back! Actually, I'm gone.

Ten years ago my husband and I were two enthusiastic expat, then we moved to Italy (my country) and had two kids. Last year we discussed a lot about our future and the future of our little ones and made a decision. Long story short, we are now far away from our own countries. Expats again. 

Life is going to be interesting, especially with two boys in school and abrupt language switching among Italian, Spanish, French and German. Yup! We landed in the little, green, rich melting pot called Luxembourg ;)

Stay tuned and enjoy our questions and remarks!
However, I guess that sometimes there just won't be an answer ;)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

When I read romantic suspense...

Just Romantic Suspense is hosting TAKE this weekend!

Just Romantic Suspense: When I read romantic suspense...:

With: Silvia Ami

 Giveaway Alert!

When I read romantic suspense, I look for something different, something that would make the story...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Maple Syrup" tasting

My family never gets tired of pancakes. 
Especially on Saturday's breakfast we sit around the table and dip the fluffy, golden discs in a sea of Maple Syrup.
Italy isn't a Maple Syrup's producer or a massive consumer. Honestly, it isn't so easy to find a good one (A quality).
Today we got lucky because we had two different bottles: the one I usually buy at the grocery shop and one my little bro brought back from the States for us...

How was the tasting?


My  Bluberry Pancakes tasted the same with the imported and the original Maple Syrup! And, next time I'll ask my little bro to bring back something different in his luggage ;)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Debut Novel

I wrote a book!!!
See? That's me! link Take (English Edition) 

The secret is not a secret anymore: I'm a first-time Indie author! I've a book on Amazon! 
I'm scared to death!!!

So, pretty please  

and leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads ;-)